No one wants to hear old people say "Back in My Day". Every generation thinks the next one is useless, but this time I think it's true. 

Generation X in the 1990's discovered Social Media, the Millennials improved on it and Gen Z, the current youths, are taking it to a whole new level. Everything they do is virtual. Nothing is real. 

You see a group of kids at a restaurant, every one with their nose in a Smart Phone. They have never taken a flying lesson but honestly believe they could land a F-18 on on a carrier deck because they hit the third wire every time on the computer simulation. 

An amusing anecdote; my nephew in high school playing Call of Duty with his on-line friends, pooped his pants so he wouldn't miss an important move. He was the hero of his peers for the devotion to his team. 

Now he is 21, no job, no drivers license and living with his mom with no intention of ever leaving. And to his group that is nothing to be ashamed of. President Obama decided 26 was the right age to stay in parents care and Gen Z is taking him at his word.

 "Back In My Day", it was well understood by me and everyone I knew that on your 18th birthday, parents were done with you. So be thinking about what you wanted to do. 

You could come home to visit, and have dinner sometimes but you didn't live there any more. The new kids will say, "It's too expensive to live away from home." Here's how I did it and I think it would still be cohesive. When I graduated, my folks loaned me $2,000 to buy a nice 20' travel trailer. Today's space rent at the KOA is $350 a month. Enlist in the Nevada National Guard. Tuition is free for any state higher education. Shoot for a 2 year Associate degree from GBCC. 

Get your Commercial Drivers License to drive delivery trucks on weekends. There is a big shortage of CDL drivers right now and wages are excellent. Zero student debt. After you get your AA, transfer to the Regular Army and see the world.

 I'm not saying this plan would be easy, but it is possible. There is no excuse for able bodied youths to be living with their mom into middle age. Except if there is an important move coming up on Call of Duty.

Butch Gordo